[FFmpeg-devel] moov atom at the beginning of the file...

Hradec hradec
Wed Jul 16 10:32:48 CEST 2008

HI there...

I was wondering if theres any way to tell ffmpeg to write the moov atom 
at the begining of a mp4 instead of at the end. I know this is an old 
issue, but I was wondering if theres any new feature in latest ffmpeg 
that would do this now...

I want to be able to encode avi files to mp4 and get a stream-ready 
file. I know about qt-faststart, but I really need to be able to get the 
file straight out of ffmpeg.

My idea is to actually make ffmpeg write the encoded video to a pipe and 
use a script in parallel reading that pipe and sending it trough a 
socket directly to a player. Basically "re-encoding" a file in realtime 
for streaming. But the problem is that I need the moov atom at the 
begining of the file so the player can start playing it right away.

I already do this encoding FLV, but now I really wich to make it also 
work with mp4 files...

Also, if someone know where I can find more info about the moov atom 
(maybe how it is constructed, what type of info is in it, whats the 
minimun info that a moov atom need to have) I could maybe try to create 
a "standard" atom that my script would automatically send to the player 
before start sending the real data, triggering the progressive download 
in the client side...

any help would be much appreciated... thanks...


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