[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Eliminate -re and make -rate_emu set by AVOption

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Wed Jul 16 21:50:10 CEST 2008

Hi Luca,

Luca Abeni wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
> sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to triple-think about this issue 
> before writing something...
> Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> [...]
>> My solution is to make -rate_emu settable through AVOption options
>> using rate_emu, then remove the -re option.
>> This alone doesn't fix the problems for audio-only multimedia streams
>> streaming, there are still timestamp issues to be addressed.
> If I understand your patch correctly, it allows to set the rate_emu 
> field in the audio codec context, but it does not provide support for 
> "audio frame rate emulation". In fact, I believe that the following code 
> can only work for the video streams:
>>         /* frame rate emulation */
>>         if (ist->st->codec->rate_emu) {
>>             int64_t pts = av_rescale((int64_t) ist->frame * ist->st->codec->time_base.num, 1000000, ist->st->codec->time_base.den);
>>             int64_t now = av_gettime() - ist->start;
>>             if (pts > now)
>>                 usleep(pts - now);
>>             ist->frame++;
>>         }
> (I do not believe that an audio pts can be computed as frame number * 
> time base).
> So, I suspect that setting rate_emu for audio codecs is quite pointless...
> (In other words: if we really want to go this path, I believe we should 
> first fix audio frame rate emulation, and then enable it in a second time)
> Moreover, why does the rate emulation code cited above compute a pts in 
> that way? Cannot ist->next_pts (or something similar) be used?

I think this would be more correct indeed.

> I also have a second (bigger) doubt: in my opinion, rate_emu should not 
> be a field in AVCodecContext. In fact, nothing else than ffmpeg.c uses 
> it (unless I misread some code). So, I would be tempted to remove this 
> field from AVCodecContext, and to use the global rate_emu variable in 
> the "if()" quoted above (so, I would change "if 
> (ist->st->codec->rate_emu) {" in "if (rate_emu) {").

Yes, I tend to agree with this.


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