[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add support for additional XDCAM formats

Andrew Wason rectalogic
Thu Jul 24 17:08:55 CEST 2008

Final Cut Pro supports some additional hdv* and xdv* fourccs in
QuickTime movies produced from the Sony XDCAM cameras using Sonys
XDCAM Transfer Plugin for FCP v2.7. This is discussed in the
libquicktime group:

I downloaded XDCAM Transfer Plugin for FCP v2.7 here:

Then extracted the presets file that documents each fourcc:
pax -rzf "/Volumes/XDCAM Transfer 2.7/XDCAM Transfer
2.7.mpkg/Contents/Packages/XDCAM Transfer

The attached patch adds support to libavformat/isom.c for hdv6, hdv7,
hdv8, xdv1, xdv3, xdv4, xdv5, xdv6, xdv7, xdv8, xdv9, xdva, xdvb,
xdvd, xdve, xdvf.  These are all just different variations on the same
thing (different framerates, sizes etc.)

I uploaded a sample hdv6 QuickTime movie to upload.mplayerhq.hu in

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