[FFmpeg-devel] MAINTAINERS cleanup

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sun Mar 2 02:09:04 CET 2008


MAINTAINERS lists some people who do not review patches for the files
for which they are listed. (be it lazyness, busyness, real life whatever...)

This is bad as it makes it look like the maintainer role is filled for
these while actually it is open and we would benefit from someone
volunteering for it.

Iam planning to remove:
  vp3*                                  Mike Melanson
  rtsp.c                                Luca Barbato

If someone knows of others (i am sure there are more ...) please tell me
so i can add them to the list.

If you dont want to be removed, say so and ill drop you from the "to be
removed" list.
If i hear no such thing then expect to be removed from maintainers in
a week.

PS: If anyone wants to volunteer as maintainer for any of the above that of
course is very welcome ...

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