[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Force users to specify memalign_hack in configure

Ramiro Polla ramiro
Mon Mar 3 18:44:44 CET 2008

Hello Ronald,

Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Hi,
> [idiot mode on]
> On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 12:13 PM, Ramiro Polla <ramiro at lisha.ufsc.br> wrote:
>> Diego Biurrun wrote:
>>> On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 05:14:43PM -0300, Ramiro Polla wrote:
>>>> Currently on MinGW users are required to explicitly add
>>>> --enable-memalign-hack to configure. Support for FreeDOS was recently
>>>> added, and memalign-hack is automatically enabled.
>>>> I think we should force all users to request memalign-hack when needed.
>>> Fine with me.
>> Applied.
> I don't understand the logic here. So the default compilation of ffmpeg on
> *DOS (and such) should fail to run because you want people to manually
> enable this memalign hack? Why? Is there ever a case that ffmpeg runs fine
> on *DOS (and such) without enabling memalign_hack (and no, --disable-mmx is
> not a sufficient answer here).

- For coders to be aware that they're not using normal memory 
allocation. The memalign hack doesn't cope well with memory debuggers;
- For users and coders to be aware that the memory management might give 
unalignment errors;
- If FreeDos ever starts supplying memalign, configure won't need to be 
- I think the --disable-mmx argument is quite strong =)

The option to use it or not should be there through configure IMO.

Ramiro Polla

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