[FFmpeg-devel] Fix mingw name of .lib files

Ramiro Ribeiro Polla ramiro
Tue Mar 4 22:31:57 CET 2008


> I believe I had already brought this up before, but I was not given any 
> reason why it works like this.

I was on vacations and forgot about it...

> The attached proposed patch changes configure to actually install .lib 
> files following the name of the corresponding .dll files (like every 
> other library out there does)

What "every other library" do you mean? I've searched some time around, 
but didn't find any that did the same as FFmpeg (provide MSVC .lib files 
for the MinGW built libraries).

What I was thinking when I made this change is "in Unix you do -lavutil, 
in MSVC in you add avutil to the dependencies". But in Unix you can also 
do -lavutil-xxx, so I agree with you that we should also be able to add 
avutil-xxx to the dependencies.

IMO the best would be to install:

Which involves some deeper changes to the build system. Patches welcome 
(by me, at least).

Ramiro Polla

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