[FFmpeg-devel] [Spam] Re: Fix mingw name of .lib files

Gonzalo Garramuño ggarra
Wed Mar 5 04:48:13 CET 2008

Fran?ois Revol wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 07:53:04PM -0300, Gonzalo Garramu?o wrote:
>>> I find it funny you hate autotools, as the ffmpeg build smells very 
>>> much 
>>> like a simpler (but functionally worse) copy of autotools.
> I really smell hard, but I sense no m4, no perl (nothing agains perl by 
> itself), no autoheader && automake && autoconf && oh-damn-sh*t-I-had-to
> -run-autobeer-first, no make-"hey why is it running configure again?? 
> HEY! why is it running autoconf ???? Ohhh * AM_FOO_BAR missing :-(".

Well, there's bash, a "configure" script with similar interface (and 
config.err), .h dependencies created in a .depend file (instead of a 
.deps dir), files with strings replaced like @PREFIX@, the need for a 
gcc toolchain, etc.

It is certainly simpler but it has an overall similar structure.

P.S.  For me a good test for autotool issues is building out-of-source. 
  I usually do:

$ mkdir build-os-arch && cd build-os-arch && ../bootstrap (or whatever)

If the project does not build well out of source, it is already a good 
sign the coder does not really know autotools.  Another bad sign is if 
the project does not build properly with make -j2 or similar.

Gonzalo Garramu?o
ggarra at advancedsl.com.ar

AMD4400 - ASUS48N-E
Xubuntu Gutsy

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