[FFmpeg-devel] AVCHD video decodes at half-rate

Ken kensystem
Thu Mar 6 09:11:34 CET 2008


Both ffmpeg (2008-02-09) and ffdshow seem to exhibit a behavior when 
playing back AVCHD files, of the decode playing at half rate. The audio 
decodes at normal speed (completes twice as fast as video).

Here is a 10MB source AVCHD/m2ts and mp4 output:

http://www.onnet.cc/sample.m2ts created by a sony hdr-sr1, and produces
(like ffdshow) a video decode that runs at half rate (any -vsync and -r
combo I tried would not work):

ffmpeg -y -vsync 2 -i sample.m2ts -r 30000:1001 -s 480x272 -vcodec 
libx264 out.mp4


I apologize if this is already known; I did not see any fixme or 
check-in comments for h264* mpegvideo_parser, etc.


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