[FFmpeg-devel] libavformat Makefile change breaks mplayer compile?

Chris Ribe chrisribe
Fri Mar 7 02:10:04 CET 2008

Apologies for the cross post, but I wasn't sure where this should go.

A change to the libavformat Makefile (
seems to be keeping libavformat  from compiling within the mplayer

libavformat compiles fine for me within the ffmpeg tree, but it isn't
bringing in libavcodec when built in the mplayer tree:

make -C libavformat
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/cribe/Code/mplayer/libavformat'
> -D_ISOC9X_SOURCE -I.. -I.. -I../libavutil -Wdisabled-optimization
> -Wno-pointer-sign -Wdeclaration-after-statement -I. -I.. -I../libavutil
> -Wall -Wno-switch -Wpointer-arith -Wredundant-decls -O4 -march=prescott
> -mtune=prescott -pipe -ffast-math -fomit-frame-pointer -D_REENTRANT
> -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -D_REENTRANT    -I/usr/include/freetype2  -c -o
> allformats.o allformats.c
> In file included from allformats.c:22:
> rtp_internal.h:27:21: error: avcodec.h: No such file or directory
> make[1]: *** [allformats.o] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/cribe/Code/mplayer/libavformat'
> make: *** [libavformat/libavformat.a] Error 2

common.mak in the ffmpeg root has been updated to work with the new
libavformat Makefile, but no such change has been made to the mplayer

I don't really understand the nature of the changes, but I've attempted to
compile mplayer with an altered common.mak without success thus far.


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