[FFmpeg-devel] Regression tests broken as of 12358

Panagiotis Issaris takis.issaris
Mon Mar 10 04:49:16 CET 2008


It appears that the regression tests for current SVN are broken, and
according to
this useful website[1] :o) it seems that they have been broken for a few
days and
many revisions. If the website doesn't lie, it will most likely have
happened between
revision 12358 and 12363.

A quick look at those revisions together with the output, tells me that
with the changes to
Matroska muxer/demuxer in revision 12358 the regression modified the
output but not
the regression test files:

Revision 12358
Date: Fri Mar  7 19:25:09 2008 UTC /(2 days, 8 hours ago)/
Log Message: Add 'disposition' bitfield to AVStream and use it for both muxing and demuxing
of matroska and nut.

--- /usr/local/src/ffmpeg/tests/libav.regression.ref    2008-02-20
22:55:50.000000000 +0100
+++ tests/data/lavf.regression  2008-03-10 04:34:02.000000000 +0100
@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@
 66a6584f9e83e8ea3af822a3ba71fbbe *./tests/data/b-libav.nut
 329264 ./tests/data/b-libav.nut
 ./tests/data/b-libav.nut CRC=0x400c29e9
-43238b15f1012aa27536c2be20bb2383 *./tests/data/b-libav.mkv
-329854 ./tests/data/b-libav.mkv
+f108c91e3adadb39ce436c8836793045 *./tests/data/b-libav.mkv
+329860 ./tests/data/b-libav.mkv
 ./tests/data/b-libav.mkv CRC=0x400c29e9
 9a9da315747599f7718cc9a9a09c21ff *./tests/data/b-pbmpipe.pbm
  317075 ./tests/data/b-pbmpipe.pbm
make: *** [libavtest] Error 1

With friendly regards,

[1] http://issaris.org/~takis/projects/ffmpeg/list.php

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