[FFmpeg-devel] Google Summer of Code Qualification

andy g agocke
Tue Mar 11 23:57:29 CET 2008

I'll definitely look into it - starting next week is Spring Break, so  
I'll have a week to get acquainted with the code and clean up MLP.


On Mar 11, 2008, at 12:40 AM, Justin Ruggles wrote:

> Hi,
> andy g wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> 	I have been using ffmpeg for years now and every time I use it I  
>> like
>> it more. I know the C language (although I mostly program in Java
>> right now) and I think it would be great if I could work on it over
>> the summer in Google Summer of Code. Specifically, the ALAC-LC
>> implementation really interests me, as I was transcoding files from
>> iTunes before and I noticed that there was no ALAC encoder -  
>> something
>> I think I could fix.
> That's great that you are interested.  Before you apply, I would  
> highly
> recommend spending some time looking through the FFmpeg source and
> reading up on lossless audio in general.
> As far as ALAC is concerned, it is not something I would implement
> myself, but I would gladly mentor such a project.  I have considered
> trying it myself in the past, but decided against it for silly
> philosophical reasons. :)
> I have added some very basic goals for an ALAC encoder to the  
> Multimedia
> Wiki page for SoC '08.  If you (or any other applicant) want to know
> more specifics about what such a project might entail, feel free to  
> ask.
>> 	Regarding the qualification, I also noticed that ffmpeg doesn't have
>> the ability to pass along metadata tags when it transcodes music. I
>> was wondering if my qualification could be to write a metadata tag
>> reader/writer for certain media files. For mp3, the LGPL'd http://id3lib.sourceforge.net/
>>  should probably do, but I could probably write my own implementation
>> if necessary (which I bet will probably be necessary for MP4/ALAC/AAC
>> tags).
> FFmpeg already has very basic tagging support.  I don't know the full
> list, but in a quick search I was able to find ID3 tags, Vorbis
> comments, APE tags, and iTunes mp4 tags.  Granted, the current support
> is very limited.  I'm not sure what the demand is for a more complete
> metadata system. libavtag? ;)  To me that seems more like a full SoC
> project, not a qualification task, but if a student has the time and
> will to do it (and do it well), I would welcome it.
>> 	If this is too simple for your test I could do something else, but
>> when I used ffmpeg last time this struck me as something that was
>> missing from ffmpeg that would probably be pretty useful in certain
>> transcoding operations.
> As for me personally...what I am looking for in a qualification task,
> beyond good programming skills, is clean, well-documented code, good
> communication, and follow-through.  Having to clean up both the AC3
> decoder and the E-AC3 decoder from previous summers has been somewhat
> annoying.
> For example, something like cleaning up the MLP patch might have a
> somewhat steep learning curve, but that's the kind of skills I really
> want to see. :)
> -Justin
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