[FFmpeg-devel] SOC Qualifiction tasks

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Mar 14 07:02:52 CET 2008

Kevin DuBois wrote:
> I would like to try my hand at writing the M95 playback subsystem. Its very
> likely that I'll be spending a lot more time on #ffmpeg with questions
> :-D...

Feel free to contact me privately since I like these types of fringe 
formats, and because I'm not on IRC. Also, if you need more samples than 
are on the samples site.

> Also, if possible, can I have a wiki account on wiki.multimedia.cx, or could
> someone modify the SoC 2008 page to indicate that I'm working on this
> project? Thanks!

Just let me know what username you would like to use. You can be creative.

	-Mike Melanson

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