[FFmpeg-devel] Google SoC 2008 Qualification Task

Deep Pal talk2deeppal
Fri Mar 14 19:06:12 CET 2008

Hello Everyone,
                     I have been looking into the ffmpeg code base for
I am targeting the  Optimal Huffman tables for (M)JPEG as the qualification
task. Any advise on the above is really appreciated.

I would like to know whether there is a mapping between the
qualification task and the actual projects ?
For example the vivo demuxing is a qualification task for MXF muxer.

Also, how do I send my code , just patch it and send the diff file on
the mailing list ?

Thanks for being so elaborate about the requirement and all the
efforts on the SoC projects that you guys
put in. It is really helpful for us applicants.

Best Regards,

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