[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] G.729A (now fixed-point) decoder

Vladimir Voroshilov voroshil
Sat Mar 15 19:24:58 CET 2008

Hi, All

I'm back again and glad to show you reworked G.729A decoder.
Now all code uses fixed-point arithmetic.

Here is results of comparing with reference fixed-point code results:
ALGTHM.BIT    stddev: 44.15 PSNR:63.42 bytes:4096
ERASURE.BIT  stddev: 12.79 PSNR:74.18 bytes:47104
FIXED.BIT stddev:  3.82 PSNR:84.67 bytes:18432
LSP.BIT  stddev: 11.96 PSNR:74.76 bytes:356352
OVERFLOW.BIT stddev:681.71 PSNR:39.65 bytes:61440
PARITY.BIT  stddev:  5.57 PSNR:81.40 bytes:47104
PITCH.BIT  stddev: 16.43 PSNR:72.01 bytes:292864
SPEECH.BIT  stddev:  9.63 PSNR:76.64 bytes:598016
TAME.BIT  stddev: 24.67 PSNR:68.47 bytes:20480
TEST.BIT stddev: 15.82 PSNR:72.33 bytes:26624

What was also done:
0. variables/parameters renaming is in progress as long as adding spaces.
1. Input buffers (as much as possible) were marked as "const"
2. Pitch delay code decoding code inlined into main loop. Several
routines diappears.
    Code becomes more readable. imho.
3. decode_frame now works only with one packet.
4. Doxygen comments were fixed in many places.
7. duplicated code in decode_frame routine replaced with a loop
8. a lot of errors/typos fixed in code

Hopefully this version will be better.

Vladimir Voroshilov     mailto:voroshil at gmail.com
JID: voroshil at gmail.com, voroshil at jabber.ru
ICQ: 95587719
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