[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] minor update to MPEGTS to handle yet another DCA stream type

Kirill Belokurov kirill.belokurov
Mon Mar 17 14:18:21 CET 2008


Recently there was a thread about the sample with the 0x82 stream_type 
identifying the DCA and corresponding patch to mpegts demuxer handling this:

I would like to propose a minor patch to handle yet another DCA stream type, 
found in the wild: 0x86, which is called "DTS-HD audio stream for the primary 
audio" in the following document (grep for the "0x86"), related to HD movies:

Briefly - there are extra types mentioned there, missing in the mpegts.h :

0xEB - video "SMPTE VC-I"

0x80 - audio "HDMV LPCM"
0x83 - audio "Dolby lossless, primary audio"
0x84 - audio "Dolby Digital plus, primary audio"
0x85 - audio "DTS-HD except XXL, primary audio"
0x86 - audio "DTS-HD, primary audio"
0xA1 - audio "Dolby Digital plus, secondary audio"
0xA2 - audio "DTS-HD, secondary audio"

The 0x86 will be handled by the attached patch, the name of macro
was selected to match the list above. Does it make sense to add other types as 

There is some sample file "eragon.m2ts" in the samples incoming, that uses the 
0x86 type for the DCA.

Best regards,
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