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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Mar 19 17:38:29 CET 2008

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 03:42:39PM +0000, vmrsss wrote:
> (*) this should be clear from what I wrote previously, just in case  
> I'll repeat it: the problem is that you cannot put together two  
> previously defined graphs which happen to use a common name for their  
> input pads, because you'll get confused as to which is which. You can  
> of course modify one of the graphs by hands, don't think is  
> particularly user friendly, then you'll have to provide a programmatic  
> way to do so. It can be done of course, but it's not pretty, and it's  
> not easy to explain to end users.

Ive provided a formal proof of equivalency already. You are trying to
tell me that you dont understand math ? Because if you did you wouldnt
argue against a proof ...

Non formally i could again point you to C and say that it doesnt matter what
arguments to a function are named nor what local variable names are used
in a function. You do NOT solve anything by ommiting names, its just that
you then have no names. Which will negativly affect readability.

your system:

my_overlay= "picinpic*nop*nop,picinpic*nop,picinpic"

a system with names:

(main, left, right, bot)my_overlay=
"(main, left)picinpic,

use of it is the same either way:
 movie=  main.avi
*movie=  left.avi
*movie= right.avi
*movie=bottom.avi , my_overlay

And yes a system without names is surely shorter, and so would be C if one
ommited variable names and used rules to implicitly select them. This doesnt
make it a good idea though.

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