[FFmpeg-devel] GSoC with FFMpeg waht a combination!

Robert Swain robert.swain
Fri Mar 21 15:00:24 CET 2008


On 21/03/2008, V?ctor Paesa <wzrlpy at arsystel.com> wrote:
> Mmmh, there are already a number of GUIs around, see
>  http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/projects.html
>  My favorite is WinFF (it runs on Windows and Linux, and has a number of
>  convenient presets).

I just had a look at it. Clean and simple though I'm a little dubious
about 'hard coding' frame rates, cropping, etc. into a preset. I
suppose there's no reason you shouldn't be able to but I'd think it
should be discouraged.

I was thinking more of a UI that hooked up to the libraries than the
CLI though I don't know now whether this is the best course of action
or not.

>  If you want to make your own, you might check the FLTK toolkit: it is
>  quite small, multiplatform and has a GUI designer.

There was a suggestion on IRC that having a well-working GUI for
Windows and Mac OS X would be more important than for Linux. I think
it should work on all three and more as that is our general philosophy
(excepting dirty hacks). I suppose what toolkit to use to achieve such
will be the main area for discussion by people on this list.

I haven't actually done any GUI coding before so I'd be basing any
guidance I give on intuition and knowledge of what works in other
programs. If anyone who has done some GUI stuff before wants to step
us a possible mentor, go for it. Knowing me I'll stick my nose into
any SoC projects that interest me anyway. :)


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