[FFmpeg-devel] GSoC with FFMpeg waht a combination!

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi
Fri Mar 21 16:07:26 CET 2008

On Friday 21 March 2008 15:39:30 Jason (spot) Brower wrote:
> Last night while thinking over what I could do I came up with this
> brain dump. cat brain | grep 'idea GSOC FFMPEG' > FFMPEG maillist
> -------------------------------------------
> Recipe Based Video Converter
> Concept:
> With so many different formats of audio and video, it has become
> dificult to convert content to your prefered formats without having
> to learn a complicated command line operation that doesn't always
> meet your expectations.  Additionally, if your trying to convert a
> 30 second clip and it takes you 5 minutes to read examples and the
> manual, you know you need something that can just get the job done.

learning something new doesn't hurt, really.
For example you could learn to use proper (interleaved) posting

> I propose a video conversion gui that will convert video/audio
> formats using a "recipe based system" of conversion.  This program
> will help users choose the best formats, quality and rates by
> asking specific questions that help the users come up with a
> solution the fits there needs.  An example use case could be the
> following:

avidemux already does it, and it uses libav*

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