[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] [2/??] [3/3] Filter graphs - Parser for a graph description

vmrsss vmrsss
Fri Mar 21 17:36:18 CET 2008

On 19 Mar 2008, at 15:36, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> Hmm, I might not have made myself clear: sure you haven't suggested
>> anything like the above, I am arguing (and made a specific example in
>> support) that you **have** to if you want to reuse filters.
> Look, as there is nothing specified about "reuseable libraries" any
> system/syntax could be used, this clearly would allow to use "your  
> syntax"
> as well thus this is a proper proof that it cannot be worse than "your
> syntax".

Sorry, I don't understand that: how you can fail to see the added  
value for something like libavfilter --- hopefully meant to be used in  
as many applications as libavcodec --- of a modular filter-combination  
language (think of C without functions, if you dare), but what do I  

Perhaps I've got the wrong picture in mind here, when I think of  
libavfilter I don't think of the elementary crop,scale,aspect  
sequence, but rather of large avisynth-like scripts, of collections of  
user-contributed application-specific filters, etc: I think the same  
way several users today share ffmpeg parameters to encode for, say,  
ipod or psp without really understanding the details, they will  
tomorrow share potentially complex libavfilter's filtergraphs. 

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