[FFmpeg-devel] Testing the JPEG 2000 Decoder

Compn tempn
Sun Mar 23 15:50:24 CET 2008

On Sun, 23 Mar 2008 13:19:23 +1000, Abhishek Bhatt wrote:

>G'day All,
>I have a very naive question. How do I test my JPEG 2000 decoder. It
>is registered as a VIDEO codec.
>Do i need a motion jpeg 2000 file or should I be able to convert
>JPEG2000 file format to JPEG file directly?

i'm not 100% sure on how the .jp2 format is
you can try ffmpeg -f image2 file.jp2 file.avi

possibly you can use the jpeg2000.mov sample itself ?

or possibly with mplayer , adding the ffjp2 codec to codecs.conf
and adding jp2 fourcc to libmpdemux/demux_mf.c
and using mplayer mf://file.jp2

if you need, i think i (or anyone) can create some jpeg2000 avi samples
using mencoder -ovc vfw :)


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