[FFmpeg-devel] GoC 2008 and H264 SVC decoder

Robert Marston rmarston
Tue Mar 25 08:31:32 CET 2008

Hi Michael

Robert Marston wrote:
>>> I realize there has been no formal specification released adding to 
>>> H.264 but judging by discussion on the JVT experts mailing list, 
>>> http://ftp3.itu.ch/av-arch/jvt-site/2007_06_Geneva/JVT-X201.zip is the 
>>> near final draft of the amendment. At the very least I would be looking 
>>> for a decoder capable of playing back the streams encoded using the JVT 
>>> SVC reference software.
>> Iam not fond of SVC, but if there is a mentor for this and google gives us
>> slots >= qualified students then i suspect it would be accepted, this of
>> course is the decission of the mentors not just mine ...
>> We had 8 slots last year and we have just 4 qualified student currently IIRC
>> Also we do not know yet what exact applications these students will submit
>> ramiro threatened MSVC which is disliked by many similar to SVC ...
>> [...]
> This is only fair and I understand, implementing the SVC decoder would 
> be helpful to my current research but is not essential. If the mentors 
> are not keen on the idea then I wouldn't mind picking another project of 
> more relevance to FFMPEG.
As a second option I would be interested in the nokia MVC decoder if the 
SVC decoder is not accepted, unless someone else has already ask for 
this project? I think this would be helpful enough to my current 
research. Also would fixing up some of the H.264 problems still be 
acceptable as qualification tasks if I did take on that MVC decoder?

Thanks and Regards

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