[FFmpeg-devel] GoC 2008 and H264 SVC decoder

Panagiotis Issaris takis.issaris
Wed Mar 26 11:30:08 CET 2008

Hi Mike,

Mike Melanson schreef:
> Panagiotis Issaris wrote:
>> Mike Melanson schreef:
>>> Robert Marston wrote:
>>>> research. Also would fixing up some of the H.264 problems still be 
>>>> acceptable as qualification tasks if I did take on that MVC decoder?
>>> As Michael indicated, that would be fantastic. And to get you started,
>>> here are 5 individual and detailed bug reports about 5 different H.264
>>> conformance samples that are crashing with FFmpeg:
>>> https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue333
>>> https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue334
>>> https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue335
>>> https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue336
>>> https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue337
>>> I'm not sure how Michael would like to qualify based on this. Fix one of
>>> the problem samples and we'll go from there.
>> Or maybe another interesting task would be to fix the issues with the 
>> H.264 encoder patch?
> Sounds neat. Can I have a detail or 2?


 > What patch?

The one that had the intention of adding a native, LGPL H.264 encoder to 

> Where can I find it?

It's still available here:
I will update it to current SVN in a second.

> What are the issues?

If I recall correctly, after solving lost of issues, the most important 
one remaining was the integration of the motion estimation. So, that 
would mean the the H.264 encoders' current motion estimation would have 
to be ripped out (that's the easy part) and replaced by using the motion 
estimation provided in motion_est.c.

> What is the specific end goal of the qualification
> task?

Having it committed in SVN? :-) Or, well, probably just having the 
issues resolved I'd say.

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