[FFmpeg-devel] Experimental MSVC port

Ramiro Polla ramiro
Wed Mar 26 22:49:49 CET 2008

Mike Melanson <mike <at> multimedia.cx> writes:
> Ramiro Polla wrote:
> > Great, you've ruined what I had been planning to do for SOC this summer =)
> If it makes you feel any better, I don't think anyone is seriously
> planning to mentor such an effort.

Right, it was a *very* long shot... But I would have loved to give it a try.

Now, about the SoC projects... Which ones have already been taken?
How many people are qualified, and how is it decided who gets what
project? Do we know already how many slots there are?

I've been away for the past few days and haven't read up on what's being
decided for SoC.

I'm interested in (this order):
- MXF muxer;
- Apple Lossless encoder;
- MPEG-4 ALS audio encoder;
- Nellymoser encoder.

I prefer writing muxers over codecs, specially because I'm not that good at
Math. But I might incentivate me enough to actually learn that damned mdct
and finish g.722.1...

How are we supposed to submit applications to Google? The deadline is next
Monday, right?

Ramiro Polla

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