[FFmpeg-devel] Experimental MSVC port

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Mar 26 23:26:31 CET 2008

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> 13 more are vying.
> i have 16 in my list, did i count anyone twice? ;)
> here are all 20:
> Sascha              RL2
> Marcondes           VIVO demuxer
> andi                MLP patch cleanup

Andy Gocke on my list (in U.S., Andy = male, Andi = female :) ).

> thilani             MLP patch cleanup? (said so after andi)

Missed this one.

> Eli Friedman        ARMovie/RPL demuxer (or was this patch unrelated to gsoc?)

I got the impression this guy isn't aiming for GSoC. He just wants an
ARMovie demuxer. (Eli, please speak up if you are a GSoC contender.)

> Robert Marston      H.264 bugfixes

Hadn't logged him yet.

Good, we're even.

	-Mike Melanson

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