[FFmpeg-devel] Ogg regression broken on PowerPC

Mike Melanson mike
Thu Mar 27 00:31:04 CET 2008

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> Do you want me to do -ffloat-store on both x86 and PPC and see if they
>> produce the same results?
> yes

-ffloat-store on x86/gcc 4.1.3:
matches existing regression test

-ffloat-store on PPC/gcc 4.1.2:
-d7e6e9091a600b7208b29500be94aa89 *./tests/data/b-libav.ogg
-23624 ./tests/data/b-libav.ogg
+6a0489ee6cf21ada85c45ac7eb8c0c26 *./tests/data/b-libav.ogg
+23618 ./tests/data/b-libav.ogg

	-Mike Melanson

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