[FFmpeg-devel] Fix bug of FFMPEG: can't play back H264 encoded streaming media transported Via network

任浩 renhao2008
Thu Mar 27 06:24:29 CET 2008

As we know, H.264 is a high efficient encode method, which is much better
than MPEG2. Its rate is

relative low which can be lower than several hundred Kbps. So H.264 is
specially suitable for

streaming media transporting in Peer-to-Peer method over the Internet, which
always has relative low

bandwidth for multimedia transfering.

In my development of a Multimedia live broadcast system over the Internet, I
choose to use FFMPEG to

be my decoder to decode H.264 multimedia streaming at client side. But I
found that FFMPEG can't

work properly to decode H.264 network streaming, while it can decode local
multimedia file encoded

in H.264 way.

So I guess there may be some different between H.264 local file and

differnces may be the encode format or file header,or something others.In my
GSoc,I will try my best

to develop FFMPEG H.264 model to make it support for NetworkStreaming,which
is called H264

NetCodec.It will be implemented in C++, also I will provide  APIs for
further development.

In my review of FFMPEG project,I think servaral source files need to be
changed to let multimedia

player to play back H.264 encoded streaming media transported via
Internet.Iwould like my mentor to

give me some suggestions in how to improve the source file.In my opinion, I
think I should analyse

the differnces of H264 format between H.264 local file and network streaming
to slove this problem.

In another hand, I think I should analyse the interaction process
between  FFMPEG Codec and

multimedia player since we can play back H.264 local file,but H.264 network
streaming not. Maybe

their interaction also leads to this problem.I aslo would like my mentor
give me some precious

suggestions on this.

All in all, I will try my best to solve this problem and make FFMPEG work
more efficiently.Thank you

very much.

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