[FFmpeg-devel] r12599 breaks make install

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Fri Mar 28 03:01:49 CET 2008


r12599 breaks make install on Linux/Windows

It seems that double colon is used in a wrong way

On MinGW

I modified ffmpeg/makefile:

 echo "stupid r12599 modifcation will not reach here"
 $(MAKE)                    -C libavutil   install-headers
 $(MAKE)                    -C libavcodec  install-headers
 $(MAKE)                    -C libavformat install-headers
 $(MAKE)                    -C libavdevice install-headers
 $(MAKE-$(CONFIG_POSTPROC)) -C libpostproc install-headers
 $(MAKE)                    -C libswscale  install-headers
 $(MAKE-$(CONFIG_AVFILTER)) -C libavfilter install-headers

make install

There is not the message "stupid r12599 modifcation will not reach here"

make install is captured by the top common.mak in ffmpeg/makefile and die

Should we revert r12599?
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