[FFmpeg-devel] Eliminating long

Jay L. T. Cornwall jay
Mon Mar 31 00:09:27 CEST 2008


The C 'long' type, used in the interoperable structure ByteIOContext 
from avio.h, is causing problems with the Tao.FFmpeg C# wrapper library.

   unsigned long checksum
   unsigned long (*update_checksum)(unsigned long checksum, const 
uint8_t *buf, unsigned int size);

Most structures can be marshalled from C# to C and back again with ease. 
However C# fixes sizeof(long) to be 8 bytes on all platforms. In C it 
varies with platform and compiler:
   GCC 32-bit: 4 bytes
   GCC 64-bit: 8 bytes
   VC  32-bit: 4 bytes
   VC  64-bit: 4 bytes

There is no reliable way to marshall this type into a managed structure 
on all platforms. Could I request that the type be made explicit in 
ByteIOContext, as 'unsigned int' or 'uint32_t'.


Jay L. T. Cornwall

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