[FFmpeg-devel] About Unchanged Frames

Mike Melanson mike
Sat May 10 08:42:01 CEST 2008


The type of material I am trying to encode with ZMBV has a lot of 
unchanged frames. It seems that the best ZMBV can do with unchanged 
frames is 11-12 bytes. I seem to recall that it's possible to stuff an 
AVI file with an empty frame (i.e., a '00dc' chunk with a 0-length 
payload) that the demuxer will interpret as an empty frame (I have some 
H.264 AVI files that do this). How can an encoder communicate to FFmpeg 
that the AVI muxer should mux a 0-length frame? When I try to return 0 
from the encode_frame() function, FFmpeg construes that as a skipped 
frame and doesn't mux it.

What's a good solution to deal with these unchanged frames? Thanks.

	-Mike Melanson

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