[FFmpeg-devel] Adding .rc files for win32

Jeremy Kolb jkolb
Thu May 15 16:31:57 CEST 2008


I want to add a .rc file for the av* dlls on windows.  This would allow 
the embedding of versioning information in the dll that windows explorer 
can read (think right clicking on the dll and choosing version, you get 
legal notices, credits, version numbers etc).  The benefits are:

1.  Making it easier for users to identify which version of a dll they 
have on their system.
2.  Windows installers can query the dll version which makes updating 

My question is how to go about doing this.  I was thinking of including 
a skeleton .rc file for each lib, sed in the appropriate version 
information in the make process,, writing to a new rc file,converting it 
to a .o file with cvtres and then linking that in the final dll.

However I also noticed that in configure there is a pkgconfig_generate() 
function.  I could also go the route of creating a similar function for 
.rc files and generate them on the fly.  Which would be the preferred 


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