[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Patches to fix issue453 in libdiracschroedinger

Anuradha Suraparaju anuradha
Thu May 22 04:26:16 CEST 2008


I've included 2 patches to fix the bug reported in issue453. More
details of the bug can be found in


The same issue applies to libdirac too. So I included a patch for
libdirac as well.

Non-frame data is either prepended (sequence headers) or appended (end
of sequence info to the last frame) to frame data to ensure that the
codec outputs frame data in every packet and the pts is monotonous. So a
packet output by the encoder will contain one encoded frame and header
or sequence end info when applicable. 

1. issue453_fix_pts_bug_common_libdirac_libschroedinger.diff

   Contains patched files common to libdirac and libschroedinger.


   libavcodec/dirac_parser.c - Since a packet can now contain more than 
   one Dirac parse unit, a complete packet will still need to be parsed
   to extract a single Dirac parse unit.

   libavformat/riff.c   - Add a fourcc code for CODEC_ID_DIRAC to enable
   wrapping and playback of Dirac in AVI.

2. issue453_fix_pts_bug_libschroedinger.diff

   Contains patch to libschroedingerenc.c to fix the non-monotone pts 

3. fix_pts_bug_libdirac.diff

   Contains patch to libdiracenc.c to ensure that pts is monotnous.

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