[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add versioning information to dlls

Jeremy Kolb jkolb
Thu May 22 20:08:05 CEST 2008

Ramiro Polla wrote:
>>>>> You can also let the dependency files (.d) check for version.h and 
>>>>> av*.h. Just add a rule for %.d: %.rc, add the extra objs to DEPS, and 
>>>>> make a DEPEND_CMD for .rc files that treats them as C files (-xc flag 
>>>>> for gcc). That way you can avoid SLIB_EXTRA_DEP.
>>>> Can you elaborate?
>> I'll try:
>> Currently you set SLIB_EXTRA_DEP to version.h manually. That means: if 
>> version.h is changed, recreate whatever files depended on them (in this 
>> case SLIB_EXTRA_OBJS). When I wrote the first patch, there was no good 
>> file dependency control like there is now. We can let the current 
>> dependency control check for whatever files SLIB_EXTRA_OBJS depends on. 
>> It automatically scans the file for includes or whatever.
>> To get that for .rc files, add a rule that creates .d files for .rc 
>> files (just look at all the "%.d: %.*" rules in common.mak).
>> One problem that arises is that gcc doesn't know .rc files are actually 
>> .c-like files that can be preprocessed correctly, so you have to find a 
>> way for DEPEND_CMD (for the "%.d: %.rc" rule) to add the "-xc" flag to 
>> the gcc invocation.
>> After that is done, add $(SLIB_EXTRA_OBJS:.o=.d) to DEPS in common.mak 
>> so that dllinfo.d files are created. Then it should be safe to remove 
> Hmm... It's not as easy as I thought it'd be. -MM assumes missing files 
> are on the same directory, but version.h is on the src directory. Maybe 
> create version.h before making the .d files, or drop the whole product 
> information. After all, FFmpeg is a project, not a product, and maybe 
> just the version information is enough for the dllinfo, and the revision 
> number could be dropped.  Or better yet just leave the patch the way it 
> is =)
> Ramiro Polla
> _______________________________________________

I REALLY like having the svn revision number in there.  It makes it much 
easier to track.


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