[FFmpeg-devel] Post Message : Ming savetofile help/consulting working immediate May 24 2008

Dave G getwork123
Sat May 24 11:23:38 CEST 2008

Sub: Ming savetofile help/consulting working immediate May 24 2008


I am building a flash application in which I would like to embed/play
one .swf (stage.swf) inside a larger .swf (avatar_builder.swf).  All
of the images would be stored in avatar_builder.swf.
The stage would have a default body, hat, and background.
Each time the user toggles through an item, the item is loaded from
avatar_builder.swf to stage.swf.  The person hits preview.
avatar_builder.swf sends the message to stage.swf to animate elements
on stage.swf.  When the person is finished building their avatar, they
click on the done button.  The button calls Ming
SWFMovie->saveToFile() function.  Their customized avatar .swf is
saved to OUR server.
So these are my questions:
1. Will this work (using MING)?  In theory I think it should, but I am
not familiar with Ming.
2. Can you build it?  If so I will pay you handsomely for your time
(the flash app is already built.  I just need save to file
3. Can this be done using actionscript or another tool?
If you think you can build this functionality quickly please contact
me at: getwork123 at googlemail.com


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