[FFmpeg-devel] funny colours in ffplay/mplayer with file created through libav*

Stefan Gehrer stefan.gehrer
Mon May 26 21:12:20 CEST 2008

Karl H. Beckers wrote:
> Hi all,
> with some screencasts created through xvidcap using libav* I have those
> strange artifacts which look like colourspace problems to me in mplayer
> and ffplay.
> Now, I may be doing smth. wrong during the creation of the video (I
> suspect it might be smth. around the aspect ratio), it's just that xine
> and vlc play the file just fine.
> If somebody could take a look at the file in the following URL and give
> me a hint where ffplay/mplayer would be expected to be more picky than
> other video players and also than previous versions (because I haven't
> seen this before), that would be much appreciated.
> http://www.jarre-de-the.net/computing/test-0000.mpeg
> TIA,
> Karl.

Hi Karl,

you posted to the wrong list, ffmpeg-user would be more appropriate.
Anyway, I looked at the file with ffplay, freshly compiled from SVN, and 
I can't see any artifacts.


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