[FFmpeg-devel] [patch] 6 channel rawaudioinputresultsininvalid PCM packet error

Phil Rutschman philr
Wed Nov 12 19:54:44 CET 2008

> > ok if it passes the regression tests
> It doesn't.
> I have not investigated further...

The regression failure appears to be due solely to a change in the raw
audio packet size.

This can be confirmed in two ways. First, revert to SVN head. Run make
test. Edit libavformat/raw.c to change the #define of RAW_PACKET_SIZE to
2048, for example. Rerun make test, and observe which files fail.

Second, revert the change of RAW_PACKET_SIZE and apply this version of
the patch which restores my original logic, which kept the
RAW_PACKET_SIZE the same if possible. Rerun make test, and observe that
the files no longer fail.

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