[FFmpeg-devel] [patch] 6 channelrawaudioinputresultsininvalid PCM packet error

Phil Rutschman philr
Thu Nov 13 01:30:12 CET 2008

> your original logic generates packets that are not a multiple of 512
> 1024 thus not a multiple of disk sectors, this seems not ideal

It generates these packets only in cases which currently fail entirely.
While this may not be ideal (at least, if there is neither OS nor C
library caching going on), it has the virtue of solving the problem at
hand without changing current behavior.

> in principle updating the regression test checksums would be fine, but
> why does g726 change? this looks like there is something wrong in g726
> which has to be found and fixed ...

It is worth observing that the size of the mov and mkv files change, not
just their checksum. When I extract the raw audio data from
tests/data/a-pcm_s16be.mov and strip the header, the file matches the
original asynth1.sw file except that it is not quite as long. Reducing
RAW_PACKET_SIZE increases the size of the resulting mov file, and
conversely increasing it results in a smaller mov.

Something odd overall is clearly happening related to RAW_PACKET_SIZE,
which may or may not be related to the g726 issue, but I don't currently
have the time to investigate the specifics of either.

The most recent version of the patch I sent to the list should pass

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