[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] QCELP decoder

Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet reynaldo
Fri Nov 21 01:36:21 CET 2008


Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet wrote:
> and then qcelp_bits_per_rate was exactly what its name would made
> you think it was. Can you remind me why did you change that enum's
> order? If that change is avoided this one would not be needed.

I searched the thread and discovered you had changed the enum
quite a few times to account for troubles with the original
change, and that original change was totally your idea...

 > I reorder the enum on the 09/07/2008, way before submitting my first
 > patch to
 >      RATE_FULL   = 0,
 >      RATE_HALF   = 1,
 >      RATE_QUARTER= 2,
 >      RATE_OCTAVE = 3,
 >      I_F_Q,          /*!< insufficient frame quality */
 >      BLANK,
 > to
 >      SILENCE = 0,
 >      RATE_OCTAVE,
 >      RATE_HALF,
 >      RATE_FULL,
 >      I_F_Q,          /*!< insufficient frame quality */
 > in order to reflect the rate byte in the QCELP frame.

I think that change was the wrong one. Can you please make
sure its really needed? I personally don't think so.

 > and I changed on the 10/27/2008 to
 >      RATE_UNKNOWN = -2,
 >      I_F_Q,             /*!< insufficient frame quality */
 >      SILENCE,
 >      RATE_OCTAVE,
 >      RATE_HALF,
 >      RATE_FULL
 > when you asked me to change the
 > switch (framerate)
 >    case RATE_FULL:
 >    case RATE_QUARTER:
 >    case RATE_OCTAVE:
 > }
 > to (framerate >= RATE_QUARTER)
 > After sending the patch round 10, I also added a check to make sure
 > the buffer
 > contains enough data for the the frame to be decoded without reading
 > garbage.

I dont think that change is needed neither as that should be
guaranteed by your demuxer - parser(?) chain.

 > Futhermore, I am dropping RATE_UNKNOWN and replace it by I_F_Q
 >   since the specification says at TIA/EIA/IS-733
 > "If the received packet type cannot be satisfactorily determined, the
 > multiplex sublayer
 > informs the receiving speech codec of an erasure (see"
 > attached the round 11:

The idea of had a RATE_UNKNOWN was to be able to reflect an state.
Nothing wrong with you geting rid of it though but then again I'm
not sure you're gaining anything out of it.


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