[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] correct make test failure from 15261 release until now (15899)

David Geldreich david.geldreich
Fri Nov 21 18:14:49 CET 2008

Hello Guillaume,

Le 21 nov. 08 ? 17:25, Guillaume POIRIER a ?crit :

> This is not the way to go. Reg tests pass on AMD64/Linux, so the code
> must be fixed to work the same on any plateform. The md5sum should not
> match X plateform results, but all plateforms result.

That's why I made another post to tell to ignore my proposed patch.

I found no way of making sin/sinf works the same way on all the  
platform. In my case, OSX ppc and intel gives different results.

So changes r15261 and r14982 are incomplete ... they correct the  
problem for AMD64 but breaks in on Intel32.

We must iterate to find a "stable" sine window generating function.

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