[FFmpeg-devel] conflicting licence notices around swscale, which is correct ?

Chris Stones chris.stones
Mon Nov 24 17:13:30 CET 2008

Greetings, could someone please clear up some confusion caused by
conflicting licence notices regarding swscale.

The configure script has the option
     echo " --enable-swscale enable GPLed software scaler support [no]"
Implying that swscale is GPL'ed.
However the source files in swscale/ all contain Lesser GPL notices.

I am using avcodec(LGPL) with libogg(BSD) libvorbis(BSD), and libtheora(BSD)
in a closed source commercial application, and cannot use any GPL'ed code.

I have been delibratly using the deprecated img_convert API for a while now,
Adding the function back into the headers on the most recent CVS builds,
however i have hit a brick wall.

I need:
YUV420P -> XRGB (32bit)  conversion.

PIX_FMT_RGB32 is supported, but produces B8-G8-R8-X8
PIX_FMT_RGB32_1 is not upported ( img_convert returns -1 )
 PIX_FMT_BGR32  is not upported ( img_convert returns -1 )
 PIX_FMT_BGR32_1 is not upported ( img_convert returns -1 )

Rather than trying to develop on-top of a dead API, i would much rather work
with swscale.

It seems to me that the license of swscale has changed to LGPL, and the
mention of the GPL in the configure script has been overlooked? but I need
someone to confirm this before I start using the code.

Thanks for your time.
Yours, Christopher Stones.

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