[FFmpeg-devel] patch for correctly tagging mp3 audio track in mpeg4 container

Sergei Vavinov vavinov
Fri Nov 28 16:30:35 CET 2008


Flash player can play MPEG4 videos with H.264 video track and either MP3 or AAC audio track.
For that AAC audio track must be tagged as "mp4a", and MP3 audio track must be tagged as ".mp3"
(see [1], [2]).  However, ffmpeg always seems to tag MP3s within MPEG4 as "mp4a".

The attached patch for libavformat/movenc.c makes ffmpeg tag MP3 audio track in MPEG4 as ".mp3",
not "mp4a".

[1] http://www.kaourantin.net/2007/08/what-just-happened-to-video-on-web_20.html
[2] http://osflash.org/flv

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