[FFmpeg-devel] UDP multicasts mixed up on receive due to wrong bind()

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Wed Oct 15 10:52:39 CEST 2008

Hi Laurent,

Laurent wrote:
>>> Nevertheless, the demultiplexing of UDP packets to sockets is done
>>> using the port, and also the destination address (the multicast
>>> address, for instance). Thanks to that, binding to the multicast
>>> address solves the current problem, on Linux, at least.
>> Uhm... So, there is no standard way for an application to say
>> "I want to receive data from port P on multicast group MC", or
>> things like this?
> None that I am aware of.

Ok, thanks for the information. So, I guess the real question now is:
what happens on windows (or on other non-linux systems) if I perform
a bind on a multicast address (instead of INADDR_ANY)?
Does this break multicast support? Or is it just useless (but does
not break anything)?
In the first case, the patch cannot be applied. In the second case,
the patch fixes an important usage case in linux and does not affect
windows, so maybe it can be applied.


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