[FFmpeg-devel] Please clean up incoming

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Wed Oct 22 23:23:45 CEST 2008

Attila Kinali wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 10:10:17 -0700 Baptiste Coudurier
> <baptiste.coudurier at smartjog.com> wrote:
>> AFAIK, I cannot move the files, so someone else must move them... I
>> also guess annoying someone else to move the file will not be very
>> efficient.
> Yes, but there are more than enough people who can do that. Just
> compile a list of what you'd want to keep and where you'd put it.

Prompted by compn, I took a stab at starting to test and potentially
organize incoming/ at one point, but ran up against this basic question:
in an ideal world where everything were organized correctly, how *would*
it be organized?

The "everything goes under its bugtracker issue directory" is the only
proposition I've seen so far, and it has its downsides - the first one
which springs to mind being that not everything is associated with a
specific tracker issue (if nothing else, some things should be kept in
permanent "sample of this type of file" storage).

I don't know how the samples archive should theoretically be organized.
I don't know how the non-samples files (present only because they
demonstrate an unfixed bug) should be organized. I don't know whether or
not there are potentially any files which fall into neither category but
should be kept anyway, much less how they should be organized.

If answers to these organization questions can be arrived at, I can
spend some of my time on testing incoming/ and pointing to where
specific files should go. Without that, there's not much I can do but to
list whether or not a specific problem seems to still exist.

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