[FFmpeg-devel] Build is broken without --enable-gpl

Justin Ruggles justin.ruggles
Tue Sep 2 06:19:17 CEST 2008

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Justin Ruggles wrote:
>> Mike Melanson wrote:
>>> With SVN 15150:
>>> './configure --enable-gpl && make' succeeds.
>>> './configure && make' fails when building ffmpeg_g. Something about
>>> being unable to find eac3_decoder, referenced from allcodecs.c.
>> Fixed. I missed 2 things during the codec_id split.
>> Now E-AC-3 only builds with --enable-gpl.  Also, you can currently use
>> liba52 for AC-3 and the native decoder for E-AC-3.
> Thanks for jumping on this. Just curious, why is E-AC3 licensed under
> GPL? Wasn't it initially developed for SoC and then finished by you?
> Where did the GPL seep in?

Most of the actual decoding is done by the AC-3 decoder, which is GPL.
The parts that are unique to E-AC-3 are in a separate file, which is
licensed under LGPL.  But the decoder as a whole is still considered GPL.


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