[FFmpeg-devel] WMA regression still broken / decouple regression rules

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Sep 2 16:56:32 CEST 2008

Jai Menon wrote:
>> (I promise that one day it will be easy to query this type of
>> information from the FATE website. :) )
> Maybe you could put it up on the "Small Tasks" page on the wiki with a few 
> more details thrown in ;)

Nice idea, but it falls under a different domain than the typical FFmpeg
hacking (I was thinking of proposing an SoC task for the same stuff but
decided against it for the same reason). And It's hard to do anything
iwith FATE without my level of access to the underlying database tables.

Still, if there are any database ninjas out there, I'll entertain advice
on certain areas. Better yet, any statistics nerds could help me with
some of the graphing exercises I have planned.

	-Mike Melanson

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