[FFmpeg-devel] I was able to install ffmpeg.exe for windows and it works BUT how do i stream?

bam B bama.j.777
Fri Sep 5 23:42:19 CEST 2008

I'm making a windows vista computer we have here in the office into a
streaming server. I configured IIS but it's stil not complete and then I
installed ffmpeg.exe in windows and it works wherein it converts from a
media movie to a .flv

Now I need to stream live video using ffmpeg and what I know is I will need
ffserver. Is there an ffserver.exe i may download for free somewhere? Or can
ffmpeg.exe do the streaming?

There are tutorials on how to install and build ffmpeg via the cmd terminal
but whatever they taught were futile so I wasn't able to buiold ffmpeg from
scratch and I believe I need ffserver to be compiled too.

I was able to find the ffmpeg.exe download instead.

How do I configure all this? How do I set up this computer int the office
into a media streaming server? I'm stuck. Please help.

I can't afford flash media server.

Please help. I'm lost.

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