[FFmpeg-devel] I Make VC-1 encoder source code available

Malik Cissé mc
Tue Sep 9 16:07:45 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I developed a software model of a VC-1 encoder in ansi-C for my company (for a hardware development).
We would like to  make the encoder sources available to public domain.

Following features are currently implemented:
Advanced profile up to level 4 (2048x2048)
supports of I and P pictures
full search motion estimation
support of all VLC tables
yuv422 planar input

Before we release the code, we want to be sure there is enouth interest .
Is somebody interested in the VC-1 compression sources?


Malik Cisse
Senior Engineer R&D
Enciris Technologies
ZA de Roumagnac
81600 Gaillac
Tel: +33 (0)5 81 18 01 12
Fax: +33 (0)8 26 42 08 35

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