[FFmpeg-devel] 2009GSoC - CDXL for qualification task, Text-to-Bitmap for Subtitles proposed for summer

Erion Omeri erion.omeri
Mon Apr 6 14:25:47 CEST 2009

Hello everyone,

My name is Erion Omeri. I chose "omerion" for a username on the wiki. I am a
Masters Computer Science (AI) student at http://www.DePaul.edu, in Chicago.
I will be working on the *CDXL task to qualify *

And, I proposed to work on the following during the summer :
 Improve subtitle support

   - Add text-to-bitmap conversion functions
   - One with hard-coded bitmaps for characters
   - One that utilizes freetype
   - Function used will be chosen upon compilation

Adjust existing subtitle support to new ABI

   - ABI change:

I am very willing to help, and look forward to working with you guys.
If you have any pointers to help me keep in the right direction, they're

Thanks in advance,

Erion Omeri ( aka omerion )
DePaul University
erion.omeri at gmail.com

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