[FFmpeg-devel] Touching base on first decoder ( CDXL ) before loosing direction

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Wed Apr 8 14:58:29 CEST 2009

On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 02:30:00PM -0500, Erion Omeri wrote:
> typedef int* p_PicListEntry;
> typedef int* PArr8[8];
> typedef long TagArr[10];
> typedef long LArr16[16];

Generally we tend to avoid typedefs, and we certainly don't do the p_...
Also a .h file is pointless if its contents are used only in one file,
move them to the .c file

> typedef struct XLHeader{
> 	char CDXLType;
> 	char Info;
> 	long CurrSize;
> 	int  PrevSize;
> 	int resl;
> 	int CurrFrameNum;
> 	int Width;
> 	int Height;
> 	int Depth;
> 	int CMapSize;
> 	int RawSoundSize;
> 	long res2;
> 	long res3;
> };
> typedef struct PicListEntry{
> 	PicListEntry* NextEntry;
> 	char Flags;
> 	long FrameNum;
> 	long MSecs;
> 	long PMemA;
> 	long PMemL;
> 	long CMemA;
> 	long CMemL;
> };
> typedef struct SndListEntry{
> 		SndListEntry* NextSndEntry;
>         long FrameNum;
>         long SMemA,SMemL;
> };

Huh, the "typedef" part makes no sense, you are not defining
any types (you do not need typedefs to define "struct something").
You also have a few tabs there.

> LArr16* DataAddr;
> IntuitionBase* IBase;
> rtFileRequester* MyFReq;
> SndListEntry* LoadSEntry, MySEntry, LastSEntry;
> PicListEntry* LoadDEntry,MyDEntry,LastDEntry;
> SndListEntry FirstSEntry;
> PicListEntry FirstDEntry;
> BPTR FHandle; //Bit pointer??
> TagArr Tags;
> NewScreen NeuScreen;
> Screen* MyScreen[2];
> int PlaySound[0], ColorUsed, j, ColCnt, YOffset, SoundModeOffset, SoundModeLength,
>     LoopNum, ErrorFlag, HeadFlag, FirstFrame, JumpAllowed;
> long i, l, ChunkLength, Frames, SpaceMem, CMAPPos, ChunkPos, ChunkMemA,  PlayFrame,
> 	 StartSec, EndSec, StartMSec, EndMSec, LineSize, BodyAddr, DeltaMemA, DeltaMemL,
> 	 ScrMode, InEffectiveFrames, SoundMemA[2], SoundMemL[2];
> char AScr, PathFR[100], FileName[100], ChunkName[5];
> char* f, LData, s;

Any data that is specific to a decoded file must be in the decoder
context, it may not be global data.
Anything that remains must be either "static" to be file-local or
it must have a ff_ or av_ prefix.

> 		FreeMem(IMemA, BitMapSize);

Huh? FreeMem is not a C function, and in FFmpeg the memory management
functions are av_malloc, av_mallocz, av_free, av_freep

> 		printf(f, s);

printf is not allowed and will not compile.
av_log could be used.

> 		l  = DosRead(FHandle, XHLD, sizeof(XLHeader);

Well, obviously this is copied from some Windows source, you need
to use the corresponding libavformat functions.
Also you can not read directly into a struct, a struct will look
completely different in-memory depending on compiler and architecture
(in particular big-endian systems).

> static int cdxl_decode_frame(
> 					AVCodecContext * avctx,
> 					void *data,
> 					int *data_size,
> 					const uint8_t * buf,
> 					int buf_size ) {

Also you need two files anyway:
one in libavformat/ that reads and splits the file into audio and video parts and
one in libavcodec/ that decodes the video (at least to support the
HAM-encoded video, the PCM-encoded audio and paletted video formats
should already be supported).

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