[FFmpeg-devel] Clang static analyser

Benjamin Larsson banan
Sat Apr 18 16:02:33 CEST 2009

Benjamin Larsson wrote:
> Hi, I gave the clang static analyzer a test run. Here is the output from
> todays svn:
> http://tranquillity.ath.cx/clang/scan-build-2009-04-17-1/
> Most of the logic errors should be real issues that can affect
> stability. All the dead store things seem to be mostly noise.
> MvH
> Benjamin Larsson

I reran the analysis as Michael took a real stab at cleaning up the
defects found. Almost 50 less defects today.


One thing I'd like to get help with is what configure flags should I
enable to get as much C-code in FFmpeg compiled. Right now I'm using
./configure --disable-optimizations --disable-mmx.

And just for reference the clang static analyser can be found here:


Benjamin Larsson

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