[FFmpeg-devel] Decoding an ADTS AAC audio file fails

Patrick Dehne patrick
Thu Apr 23 11:44:09 CEST 2009


I am trying to decode an ADTS AAC file to wav using libavformat.

For one of my files decoding is not working. 

The file contains the byte sequence FFF before the first valid ADTS
frame header. This confuses the AAC parser.

The file content is:

Byte 331: Start of a FFF byte sequence but not the start of a valid ADTS
Byte 397: Beginning ot the first ADTS frame header
Byte 800: Next ADTS frame header

If I manually set one of the F bytes at byte position 
331 to 0 the file decodes properly.

I created a small test programm to reproduce the problem and uploaded it
together with the file in question to upload.ffmpeg.org into the folder

I also filed at bug report, the issue number is 999.


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